PREMIERE: Estelle Won’t Be Conquered In Stunning New Music Video

It’s been six years since Estelle first blasted her way on to U.S. radio with “American Boy.” In the years since, she’s has had ups and downs trying to recapture that same attention of her first single, but now we’re happy to say Estelle is back! Following a Grammy nomination for “Thank You,” her second single from All of Me, the singer is returning with a striking new ballad, “Conqueror.” The song is the perfect anthem for anyone who won’t accept defeat.

In the new video, exclusively premiered on VH1 Soul, Estelle keeps things simple by focusing on the beauty of the human form (and spirit). As she sings her powerful lyrics, “I’d rather stand tall, than live on my knees / ‘Cause I’m a conqueror, I am a conqueror,” the camera cuts to several stunning dancers performing in clouds of sand and waterfalls of white paint. Thanks to the black and white film, every shot looks like it’s a piece of moving art.

The song appears on Estelle’s upcoming studio album, True Romance, due in stores and on iTunes November 4.