The 10 Lamest Album Covers In Classic Rock History

  • Diver-Down

    [Photo: Warner Brothers Records]

  • john_lennon_live_peace_in_toronto_1969

    [Photo: Apple Records]

  • Wall

    [Photo: Columbia Records]

  • talkingheads77

    [Photo: Sire Records]

  • VU

    [Photo: Verve]

  • ACDC_BackBlack

    [Photo: Atlantic Records]

  • Nirvana_album_cover

    [Photo: DGC]

  • spinaltap

    [Photo: Polydor Records]

  • metallicast

    [Photo: Elektra Records]

  • Beatles-White-Album

    [Photo: Apple Records]

It’s not uncommon to hear music fans of a certain temperament, and often a certain age, wax poetic about the glory days of the 12” vinyl album. How it was the perfect template for the great classic rock records of old and how the packaging went hand in hand with the music to create a total artistic experience. Unfortunately, not every classic album had a classic album cover to go with it. In fact, some of them were quite lame. Not terrible, as we discussed several weeks ago, but lame. Boring. Dull. Weak and unimaginative. It’s enough to make you think the record label’s art director was taking a nap when they were working on it because these covers are so lame they put us to sleep. Now, we’re not saying these albums or bands are lame – some of them are actually considered to be among the greatest rock n’ roll long players of all time. From AC/DC and Metallica’s breakthrough albums to some of The Beatles and Pink Floyd’s best, great music and great packaging do not always go together. But it is after all the music that matters, so be forgiving as you peruse 10 of the lamest album covers of all time.