Hilary Duff Is Making A Huge Comeback And Don’t Pretend You’re Not Excited

It’s been seven long years since pop music’s sweetheart Hilary Duff came out with new music on her last album, Dignity. Now this triple threat is back and ready to dive headfirst into the pop world once again with a brand new single and album on the way. Duff will premiere the lead single from her upcoming fifth studio album live at Marquee in NYC next Thursday, July 24. If you are 21-years-old or older, get your tickets NOW.

Recently, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of A Cinderella Story and concluded that we desperately needed Duff to make a comeback. We’ve been binge watching Lizzie McGuire reruns while waiting for “Younger,” Duff’s new television series, to hit TV Land but there was still an empty feeling in our hearts without the 2000’s pop queen’s presence in music. Now that the 26-year-old is ready to release her new single in just three days, everything in the world feels right again.

Ed Sheeran, album collaborator and friend, revealed that her comeback single would have “an adult alternative acoustic sound.” Intrigued? So are we. 

Check out the flyer and Facebook event that surfaced online to officially announce her comeback.

[Photo: Getty images and Facebook]