A Critical Analysis of All the Rumors That Jay Z Is Cheating On Beyoncé

You’ve been inundated with all of these rumors that Jay Z is cheating on Beyoncé. But what’s real? We took a hard look at all the “proof,” and what we’ve concluded may surprise you.

Imagine that you’re considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Your body is ***Flawless. Your career is successful on a historic level. If you’re in a relationship, it’s because you want a man, not because you need one. Would you ever expect to get cheated on? Of course not. Yet, ask any random guy (or girl) on the street if Jay Z is doing dirt behind Beyoncé’s back, and the majority of them will suspect that you’re onto something.

But why? Is it because Jay will never be able to shake the image of the womanizing rapper from his “Big Pimpin” days, no matter how many multi-million dollar corporate deals he signs? Is it because monogamy is just such an unrealistic concept?

Beyoncé and Jay, to a lesser extent, have always had an unerring sense of what The Public wants, and now maybe they’re just appealing to our dark, destructive side. Or maybe it’s a ploy to help On The Run ticket sales.

We’re throwing all the evidence against the wall and seeing what sticks. Some scenarios are more plausible than others. Let’s dive into the reports now…

[Photo: Getty Images]