Battle Of The Summer Jams: Sia vs. John Legend

By Sarah M. Smith

Battle of the Summer Jams is back! And we are still in search for this summer’s catchiest single—that one song you just can’t get enough of! So stop whatever you’re doing and curb your musical hunger with this next round of summer songs. You know you want to.

First—let’s recap. Last week OneRepublic’s “Love Runs Out” took on Maroon 5’s “Maps” and it was quite the standoff. With a difference of only ONE percent – Maroon 5 came out on top. Looks the love ran out for OneRepublic. Sorry, guys.

Maroon 5 will advance to the winner’s stage to join fan-favorites, I-G-G-Y Azalea, Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran and more! The next two songs up are “Chandelier” by Sia and “All of Me” by John Legend—two top-charting hits of summer that you can’t help but belt out to.

Are you digging John Legend’s tear-jerking serenade that is so perfectly imperfect you have it on replay? Or are you feeling Sia’s freeing party-girl anthem that makes you wish that it was your life-long soundtrack? This is not an easy one, we know.

If you haven’t seen their videos, click below. And if you have, you already know they’re too good to not watch again!

“Chandelier,” Sia

“All of Me,” John Legend

Now that we have you singing at your cubicle, it’s time to vote! Cast your votes (as many times as you would like) before Thursday at noon!

And don’t lose sleep over your favorite band losing! There will be one last chance for them in the upcoming redemption round, so keep tuning in!

[Photo: Getty]