One Direction’s Liam Payne Gets Naked for Instagram

One Direction singer Liam Payne stripped down for the gram and the Internet went buck wild. Payne posted a photo of him naked on a boat with his private area blurred out and a caption that read: “Damn that was my last pair!” One Directioners went nuts and #Uncensoritliam along with #WeWantToSee11inchLiam started trending on Twitter. Payne and the rest of the One-D boys are known to have their share of fun, but did Payne take this one a little too far?

We don’t think so but here’s the scandalous picture so you can judge for yourself.

That’s a lot of skin. After causing such a ruckus on social media, Payne posted another photo without the pixels and basically let down every single one of his two million followers with the caption: “Oh I found them never mind aha.”

What a tease.

Payne can kind of join the ranks of other celebrities who actually got butt naked for social media.

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These celebrities make Dating Naked look like a breeze.

[Photo: Getty]