12 Pop Artists Who Crossed Over Into EDM (And Nailed It)

EDM (A.K.A. Electronic Dance Music) has single handedly taken over the music industry, and artists of every stripe are jumping on the glow stick-covered bandwagon. The genre has spawned music festivals, fashion trends, and a legion of passionately pogo-ing devotes. EDM has the fans, and it also has the finances: Forbes recently ranked Calvin Harris the highest paid DJ with an annual salary of $46 million!

Clearly there’s a huge incentive for pop and rap stars to branch out, leading artists to test the EDM waters. Many have failed spectacularly, but some like Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears and Jay Z passed with flying neon colors. Luckily for you, VH1 has created a handy playlist to serve as your gateway to the land of bass and beat drops. Read on to see which of your favorite artists have successfully crossed over into EDM.

“One (Your Name)” by Swedish House Mafia ft. Pharrell Williams (2010)

Pharrell Williams is all about crossing genres. Williams lays down vocals for this SHM power track and a hit was born.

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