Auto-Tuneless: Remember That Time Your Favorite Pop Star Actually Sang?

If you didn’t know that most pop performers’ vocals are technologically modified on their albums and during their performances, then congratulations on keeping your music innocence intact this long. It seems these days that the art of pure singing has transformed into over-the-top costumes and the smoke and mirrors. Having talent doesn’t always mean vocally. Just ask Britney Spearssometimes.

Not everybody can simultaneously dance and sing like the Queen Bey, and blow us away by being ***Flawless while doing so. But the problem is, we’re so used to hearing artists like Selena Gomez, Kesha and Lil Wayne in their auto-tuned tracks, that we probably wouldn’t even know it was them if we heard what their raw voices sounded like. Lucky for you, we’ve tracked down rare occurrences these pop stars sang with no help from a computer and ranked the vocals from amazing to borderline excruciating. Some will shock you, some will confuse you and some will really make you wonder what the hell you’ve been listening to all these years. Prepare to be amazed.


1 . Rihanna – “Stay,” Saturday Night Live, 2012

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