VH1 Celebrates I <3 Video Vixens Month This August!

Ever wondered what became of the bombshells and hunks who played major eye candy in your favorite music videos? How did they get these jobs? Did they find love on set? Where did these roles lead them? Lucky for you, this August is Video Vixen month, and we’re answering everything you’ve ever wanted to know.

If you were more entertained by the sexy vixens in certain music videos more than the actual performers, you’re not alone. We’re exploring the in’s and out’s of the lives of video vixens across genres and generations. Come back this month to relive the times these video stars rocked your world, as we investigate the following:

  • Remember That Girl? Video Vixens That Helped You Become a Man
  • Hunks in Trunks: 18 Male Video Vixens Too Sexy to Forget
  • Times Video Vixens Found Real Love on Set
  • How Video Vixens Changed Pop Culture
  • Hottest Metal Video Vixens of All Time
  • 10 Lessons Video Vixens Taught Us About Romance
  • The Lead Girls of 90s R&B Music Videos
  • From Music Videos to Reality TV: The Video Vixen Hustle
  • Video Vixens By The Numbers
  • The Evolution of Butts in Hip-Hop Music
  • Sexy Music Video Scenes That Shouldn’t Have Been Sexy
  • Meet the Video Vixen Freshman Class
  • Where Are Your Favorite Video Vixens Now?
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