Jive Talkin’: The Most Controversial Musician Quotes Of All Time

  • Eric Clapton

  • Lana Del Rey

  • Donna Summer

  • Michael Jackson

  • Amy Winehouse

  • Yusef Islam Cat Stevens

  • Gene Simmons

    HOLLYWOOD – APRIL 17: Actor attends the premiere screening and party for TCM’s “Brando” at the Egyptian Theater on April 17, 2007 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images)

  • 50 Cent

  • Kanye West

  • Ted Nugent

  • David Bowie

  • John Lennon

  • Shirley Manson

  • John Mayer

  • Morrissey

Big egos, big ideas, and big global presence mean that when musicians have something to say, they’re not only quick to run their mouths, their words spread across the pop culture consciousness like wildfire. From racist slurs to homophobic comments and even weighing in on politics, being a musician (to some) is a mandate to just say senseless stuff. From John Mayer’s racist Johnson to Shirley Manson’s primitive desires, these celebrities have given us some of the most controversial quotes of our time.

Even David Bowie gets in on the game, likening rock musicians to Hitler, while John Lennon proclaims that rock is bigger than Christianity. And if you thought that was way-out, wait until you hear what Cat Stevens had to say about Salman Rushdie, and how Lana Del Rey feels about life…