These Hilarious Beyonce Fan Tumblrs Will Make You Love Queen Bey Even More

  • Beyoncify My Boyfriend

  • Beyonceder

  • Downton Abbeyonce Tumblr

  • Beyonce Voters

  • Beyonce Art History

  • Carter Family Portraits

  • Beyonce Vs. Zombie

  • Parks and Beyonce Tumblr

  • Beyonce Palettes

  • Beyonce Soundboardt

If there’s one person in the world we love above all others, it’s Beyoncé (sorry, Mom). Since our hearts are squarely in Queen Bey’s camp, we couldn’t help but find others who share our joy -especially if they demonstrate their fandom in inventive and hilarious ways. Many of these folks take to Tumblr, making amazing ’Younce-themed memes that have us laughing til we  cry.

Whether they use Bey’s awesomeness to deal with bad breakups or they imagine her as a fierce zombie slayer, there’s no doubt that fans have seriously been inspired by the R&B diva. So take a look through our gallery to see what fellow Beyoncé fans have been up to on Tumblr.

[Photo Credit: Beyoncé vs. Zombie/Beyonce Palletes]