Hunks in Trunks: 20 Male Video Vixens Too Sexy To Forget

As Jay-Z once said, “Ladies is pimps, too.” After watching our favorite leading ladies of music have their way with dozens of gorgeous guys in their music videos, we have come to find that this is indeed a fact. Music videos are meant to provide a mini escape, and looking into the dreamy eyes and chiseled abs of these hunks make us wonder where and how soon we can get our ticket.

First and foremost, we’d like to thank these singers for living out every fantasy we could ever think of. Thanks to Toni Braxton, we know playing half naked Twister with Tyson Beckford would be the greatest game night of all time. In the video above, the Ralph Lauren Polo model tells us how he even saved her from drowning in the pool on set! He’s a knight in shining swim trunks. Jennifer Lopez showed us what it would be like rolling around on a beach with Cuban cutie William Levy. We would let him get sand wherever he wanted. Carly Rae Jepsen fulfilled our boy next door fantasy with a shirtless Holden Nowell. Like you didn’t shamelessly watch your neighbor mow the lawn without their shirt on?

For decades, male singers have featured women in their videos as eye candy, but we sure are happy females started to do the same. Now without further adieu, we present the hottest male models to strip down and cozy up with musicians we love, but are extremely jealous of.

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1. Video: “Unbreak My Heart” by Toni Braxton, Vixen: Tyson Beckford
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