Miss Box Of Junk Shows How To Get The Look Of A Heavy Metal Video Vixen In 5 Easy Steps!

August is I <3 Video Vixen month at VH1 and today we turn our attention to those  big-haired, provocatively- dressed, sexy sirens of 1980’s heavy metal videos. You saw them dance on cars, knock people out with their American thighs and steal the show from the lead singers of Whitesnake, AC/DC and Motley Crue and now you can learn how to get their look in 5 easy steps from none other than That Metal Show’s very own Miss Box Of Junk AKA Jennifer Leah Gottlieb. All you need is a blow-dryer, hairspray, make-up, some ripped up clothing and accessories and a road case full of heavy metal moxey to drive the boys wild and kick their asses at the same time. Watch this exclusive video and check out our gallery for the step by step instructions and rock the f*** out like a true iron maiden.
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