Music Moments From 1989 That We Don’t Want Taylor Swift To Celebrate

In case you were vacationing under a rock last week, Taylor Swift released a catchy new single, “Shake It Off,” and announced a forthcoming LP called 1989. We can’t wait to hear the whole album, which the singer says was inspired by all of the great pop music from the year of her birth. She has called the late 1980s “a time of limitless potential,” full of “bright colors, bold choices, [and] rebellion.” Her new video even pays homage to some trends from that era, with Swift incorporating b-boys and Toni Basil-style cheerleading into the clip.

While Swift is totally right about music’s high points in 1989, we started to have flashbacks about some of the moments that should definitely stay in the past. Whether cheesy fads or serious snubs, there are things we hope Swift doesn’t touch upon as she shows props for her birth year. Considering she was only alive for 18 days of the ’80s, we’d decided to make her a handy list of musical moments to avoid at all costs!

1. David Hasselhoff performed at the Berlin Wall.

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