A Breakdown of Every Cultural Reference In Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” Music Video

During a Yahoo livestream on Monday, Taylor Swift premiered her brand new video for “Shake It Off” and fans got to witness her many dance styles. She repeatedly shook off the haters while offering a colorful spectrum of famous moments, themes and people in pop culture. Some of the nostalgic throwbacks were pretty obviously, but others were a little more tricky. Read on for a complete breakdown of T-Swift pop culture shout-outs.

Black Swan

[credit: nargyle.tumblr.com]

“Shake It Off” begins with Swift goofing off in ballet class. This Black Swan inspired portion of the video has more influence from Jim Carrey’s Saturday Night Live spoof of the film than scary Natalie Portman.


Step Up To The Streets 

[credit: masha10.tumblr.com]

Dripped down in hip hop gear, Swift takes some notes from Step Up To The Streets and poses as her boys in the back break it down.


“Mine” by Beyoncé featuring Drake video

[credit: muumuse.com]

Everyone has learned a thing or two from Beyoncé even Taylor. During the modern dance section, Swift wrestles with her long scarf  that closely resembles Bey’s “Mine” video.


Daft Punk Robots

[credit: theawesomer.com]

The Daft Punk-esque sparkling suits and robotic dance moves was definitely inspired by the real Daft Punk robots themselves with maybe a hint of Lady Gaga thrown in.


Miley Cyrus Twerk

[credit: eonline.com]

If Taylor was going to cover popular styles of dance, she obviously couldn’t leave twerking off the list. Swift army-crawled through a line of twerking girls, basically paying homage to Miley Cyrus who took twerking mainstream.


Audrey Hepburn Funny Face Dance Scene

[credit: thenorthernlight.tumblr.com]

Swift takes on Audrey Hepburn and lets loose in all black, just like Hepburn’s iconic dance scene in Funny Face.


“Mickey” by Toni Basil

[credit: toni-basil.tumblr.com]

Swift has really come up in the ranks from a band geek to head cheerleader with her “Mickey” inspired cheer squad.


Sister Act 2 Ending Credits

[credit: butlercat.tumblr.com]

The grand dance finale resembles that last dance hurrah in Sister Act 2. Everyone says their own goodbyes by getting down to the music.

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