Ranking All Of Beyonce’s VMA Performances

Beyoncé marked her fifth MTV Video Music Awards performance with a medley of songs from her self-titled surprise album. The set included somber reflection, sex appeal, and surfboardts. Though fans were mesmerized, does last night’s performance go down as Bey’s best VMA set yet?

Last night’s ceremony was a fantastic night of music, celebrities, lights, and (of course), butts. Lots and lots of butts.

Many of them were in Beyonce’s epic 16-minute performance! Queen Bey’s always brought the heat to the Video Music Awards, but she’s definitely grown since first taking the stage in 2003. Now that Yoncé has nabbed the Video Vanguard honor, we’ve decide to look back on her body of performance work, ranking her sets from worst to best.

5. “Baby Boy” and “Crazy In Love” medley (2003)

Beyoncé established herself as a solo artist back in `03, having left Destiny’s Child behind. Few doubted she’d be successful on her own, but fans had yet to see the level of Bey’s motivation. The singer took the stage at the 2003 VMAs by first descending from the rafters. The set was ambitious, but not enough to catapult Beyoncé to global status. Bringing Jay Z out during “Crazy In Love” was a treat, but the gal had a long ways to go from that point.


4. “Ring The Alarm,” 2006

Beyoncé’s second VMA performance showed how far she’d come since first launching her solo career. Her live rendition of “Ring The Alarm” called for ferocity, which she packed into a military inspired dance sequence. Though the moves were complex, they pale in comparison to her later work. It’s obvious Bey hadn’t come close to her full potential.

3. “Love On Top,” 2011

Beyoncé’s 2011 VMA performance only slightly falls behind her 2009 set. Without a demanding dance routine, Bey relied on her vocals to wow the crowd. The performance channeled classic R&B, with the singer and her dancers donning tuxedos with sequined blazers. She clearly brought enough energy for two, revealing the world’s most famous baby bump to close the set.


2. “Sweet Dreams” intro and “Single Ladies,” 2009

We’ll forgive Bey’s use of a backing track during her 2009 VMA performance. With all of that dancing, she had to somehow maintain breath control. She did belt out some high notes upon taking the stage, singing a few bars of “Sweet Dreams.” She then promptly headed into her smash hit, “Single Ladies,” recreating the year’s most famous dance moves. She brought the audience to its feet and they stood in awe of her gyrations.

In a sea of sparkles, long legs, hair, and heels, Beyoncé solidified her place as a global pop star.

1. Video Vanguard Award medley, 2014

Sure, we’re still in a daze from last night’s marvelous performance. However, with the set clocking in at 16 minutes, even Bey herself hasn’t topped that long a period of flawlessness. With so much time to fill, Beyoncé paced herself while keeping us engaged with her powerful vocals and sultry choreography. She ended the set with a family moment, having hubby Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy with her as she accepted the Video Vanguard Award.

Plus, who was expecting Bey to hit us with glittered booties?

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