The 20 Greatest Musical Moments On The Simpsons

  • The Itchy And Scratchy And Poochie Show

  • 17 Mr Plow

  • Oh Margie You Came And You Found Me A Turkey

  • A Streetcar Named Marge The Simpsons

  • Happy Birthday Lisa

  • Who Needs The Kwik E Mart The Simpsons

  • Flaming Moe’s

  • The Simpsons Flinstones Parody

  • 11 Sideshow Bob HMS Pinafore

  • The Simpsons Mexican Hat Dance

  • 09 Bleeding gums murphy cloud

  • We Put The Spring In Springfield The Simpsons

  • The B Sharps The Simpsons Baby On Board

  • Dr Zaius The Simpsons

  • Canyonero

  • The Stonecutter The Simpsons

  • Number 8 The Simpsons

  • Monorail The Simpsons

  • Mr Burns See My Vest

  • Max Power The Simpsons

In its epic 25-year  lifespan, The Simpsons has embraced music into its comedy for some potently hilarious moments. And while the show has welcomed many iconic musical guests to join its ranks of star cameos, we’re talking about the original music moments — the songs that were written for and performed by Springfield’s unique citizenry — that are absolutely unforgettable.

So you’re still humming the monorail medley? So are we. Just last night we were prancing around our bedroom singing “See My Vest” at the top of our lungs. One of our favorite bands ever just might be the fictional Be Sharps. When it comes to musical theatre, we’re chanting “Dr. Zaius” and anguishing over Stella making us yella. And of course there are the touching moments, from Bleeding Gums Murphy appearing in the sky to jazz out one last time, and our Lisa-inspired birthday favorite. So here they are — our picks for the most memorable musical moments in The Simpsons’ long history, from the downright hilarious to the very tender.

[Photo: FOX]