Every Song From Beyonce’s Surprise Album, Described In 10 Words Or Less

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  • haunted-10words

  • drunk-10words

  • blow-10words

  • noangel-10words

  • yonce-10words

  • partition-10words

  • jealous-10words

  • rocket-10words

  • mine-10words

  • xo-10words

  • falwless-10words

  • heaven-10words

  • blue-10words

  • ghost-10words

  • superpwoer-10words

  • grownwoman-10words

It’s been nine months since Beyoncé turned our worlds upside down by dropping her surprise self-titled album. And no, we’re still not over it. You’ve had these months to learn every line and perfect the “***Flawless” dance, but do you truly know the meanings of these songs? Look no further! On the occasion of the pop diva’s 33rd birthday, we’ve broken down her songs in the simplest way we know how. Welcome to the Cliff’s Notes version of Beyonce.

The album let us peak into the life of Queen Bey, including a tribute to a fallen friend, ode to her daughter Blue Ivy and lashing out (at husband, Jay-Z perhaps?) Lyrics have caused stir and speculation here and there, but after all of the analyzing is said and done, each song can be explained in just 10 words or less. Don’t believe us? Hop into the gallery above and we’ll prove you wrong. Who has time for a full album these days, anyhow?

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