The Most Epic “F–K You”s In Music Industry History

Whether lashing out at the world, their family, their record labels, or one another, singers have gone to extremes over the years to give the big middle finger out in public. Who’s to stop them? Artists will be artists.

In complete and utter “Screw You”s to the world, artists have gone from re-recorded 25-year-old tracks (Def Leppard ring a bell?) to recording ramblings of absolute nonsense, creating products like Van Morrison’s “Want a Danish.” Some artists take (not so) discrete measures of saying “eff you” to former bandmates by using symbolic art on album covers. Others go as low as firing their own parents from being involved in their business. Ouch. Take a look at the most epic and public “F–k You”s that are still ridiculously cringeworthy.


Van Morrison’s “Revenge” Album (1968)
When Van attempted to leave Bang Records for Warner Brothers, the label urged the singer to give them just one more record before his departure. And as any other artist, he aimed to please. Sort of. He went to an NYC recording studio and rambled off 31, we repeat, 31 tracks of complete nonsense. The “album” included tracks like “Ringworm,” “The Big Royalty Check” and our personal favorite “Want a Danish,” which you can hear above.


Jarvis Cocker Ambushes Michael Jackson’s BRIT Awards Performance (1996)

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