15 Songs We Should All Agree To Stop Covering

Some of our favorite songs are truly great, until they’re not. Sadly, we can thank other artists who have beaten them to death for that.

Some rock songs are meant to stay in the rock genre. Some ballads are meant to remain as such. Unfortunately, singers, even legendary ones, haven’t quite received the memo. If hearing “I Want Candy” makes you want to throw sharp objects across the room, the feeling is completely normal. John Lennon’s “Imagine” is a classic that everyone in the world decided to cover, making us want to cry, and not in the good way. Plus, if you think you can upstage John, you’re bonkers. There is nothing more depressing than a classic tune turned excruciating at the thought of hearing it one more time. Here are 15 songs that have been covered so many times, hearing them again kind of makes us want to cry inside.


1. “Make You Feel My Love” Owned By: Billy Joel, Ruined By: Kelly Clarkson, Garth Brooks
Adele, as well as Bob Dylan, who wrote the song, also recorded their own versions, and since these two can do no wrong, we still ask all other recording artists to please stop it already. Why would you want to follow these two and Billy, anyway?


2. “Emotion” Owned By: Samantha Sang, Ruined By: Destiny’s Child, Bee Gees

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