The 20 Greatest Eponymous Albums In Hard Rock And Heavy Metal History

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Next to picking a name for your group, choosing an album title is one of the harder things for a rock band to all agree upon. I mean, in a perfect world this is going to be your magnum opus, the album that will elevate you into the stratosphere, and then you ruin it with some lame ass title that sound like something out of Spinal Tap’s imaginary discography? Perhaps it’s no wonder then that so many rockers opt to use their actual band name as their album title (thus doubling down on the importance of picking a super cool band name). In the worlds of hard rock and heavy metal, these are often, though not exclusively, the province of debut records. Led Zeppelin started the trend with their first album from 1969 and the trend continues to this very day. Notable exceptions are Metallica’s breakthrough “Black Album,” their fifth full length and actually titled Metallica, and Alice In Chains’ self-titled third release. But really, it’s not the title that makes the album but the music that makes. Anyway, enough of this jibber jabber, check out 20 awesome eponymous (that’s the fancy way of saying self-titled) albums in hard rock and heavy metal history that let the music do the talking.

Hear Metallica singer James Hetfield talk about what influences went into the making of the band’s eponymous fifth album.