15 Reasons We Miss Buying CDs

Before the iPod and every other Apple product took over the world, we were able to engage in the magical experience and staple of the ’90s: CD shopping. And buying CDs wasn’t like taking part in any other purchase, simply because it was life changing. We’re here to help you remember why.

Remember running to FYE after school to get the new album from your favorite band the DAY it came out? Or talking your parents into letting you get the newest version of the Walkman? With awesome, over-the-head headphones to match, obviously. Today’s music has sadly become all about the hottest and latest single, but what about the time when buying a new CD was like hanging out with that artist day after day. We think the CD needs to make a comeback and after taking a look at reasons why, you’ll hop on our bandwagon in no time.


1. You didn’t have to search through thousands of songs to hear what you wanted

[Photo Credit: Island]

Buying a CD allowed our listening experience to be straight and to the point. When songs were strung together on an album, they told a story and god darn it, we wanted to hear that story! Without shuffle, playlists and 8,328 songs in the way.


2. The posters inside 

[Photo Credit: Jive]

Bonus! Don’t even act like you didn’t hang these hidden gems in your bedroom, locker and sometimes both.


3. The listening stations at Virgin Megastore

You wouldn’t buy a car without giving it a test run, right? Same goes for CDs, which is why being able to get a peak of an album was so entertaining, yet insightful at the same time.

4. Making mixed CDs to show your love and affection

Mixed CDs were the new mix tapes in the ’90s and when you didn’t want to run the risk of getting caught passing love notes in class, a CD was the way to go. A gesture that truly said it all.


5. You could play them in your car (much easier than an iPod)

And buy the cool CD holder that went above the fold-down mirror. With just four simple options: play, pause, rewind and forward, we could play what we wanted without dealing with Siri’s crap.


6. Album art

[Photo Credit: DGC]

Even some of the actual CD discs had cool patterns on them, which naturally made us really excited.

7. Band bios inside 

[Photo Credit: Epic/Daylight]

How else would you know the hometown of each NSYNC member? Who played each instrument in Yellowcard? Or what really inspired Jewel’s latest record? There was some seriously groundbreaking stuff in these tiny paper flaps.


8. Lyrics inside

[Photo Credit: Interscope]

That you would study and have memorized within 24 hours of your CD purchase.


9. Using a walkman

[Photo Credit: Bonanza.com]

And buying the coolest color, obviously. So what if they skipped here and there? At times, they were our very best friends.

10. Going to FYE

See, even Brandy and Pink thought it was cool. Are you in the mood for soul? Pop? R&B? So many options!! Going to this store was truly an event.


11. Downloading from Napster and burning CDs 

Buying blank CDs count too. And doing this just felt so wrong, it was right. Obviously also completely necessary for creating the perfect combinations of songs to tell your true love how you really feel (see #4).


12. Going to the store as soon as a new album came out

…without being ashamed to throw a few elbows here and there if it meant you would leave with what you came for.

13. Bonus and hidden tracks

[Photo Credit: Ruffhouse/Columbia]

The problem with iTunes is that all of the album’s tracks are given away upfront. Where’s the fun in that? One of Lauryn Hill’s greatest hits, her remake of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” was a hidden track on her solo record The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. CDs are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get…


14. If you just want to hear a single, you could play it over and over

[Photo Credit: Lava/Atlanta]

When a one-hit-wonder rolled around, CDs allowed you to call it like you see it.


15. Seeing throwback albums that you don’t need, but buy anyway

Because you accidentally lost that Mariah album. You have a copy of janet. lying around somewhere, but it’s only $5 and you could always use a spare.

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