From Backstreet Boys To Dream Street: The Surprising Real Stories Behind Famous Boy Band Names

  • Larry Busacca Archive

  • 1998 MTV Video Music Award Arrivals

  • Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, B5 and Boyz in Da Hood Visit MTV’s “TRL” – June 15, 2005

  • Big Help ’98

  • 106.1 BLI Long Island Winter Jam 2001 – Backstage

  • B2K Photo Shoot

  • Maybelline Presents YM’s Rising Star Concert

  • 2014 MTV Video Music Awards – Red Carpet

  • Mandy Moore and BBMak Perform at Pre-MTV Video Awards

  • New Kids on the Block photographed in Orlando Florida on May 12, 1989.

  • Photo of O-TOWN

Boy bands have really odd names when you think about it. Which “back street” are the Backstreet Boys from? Do they even have back streets in Orlando, oh excuse me, I meant O-Town. What’s with that extra apostrophe in ‘N SYNC? And what the hell does BBMak mean anyway? Now that the excitement of the summer tour season has died down, we’ve got plenty of time to obsess over such things. We decided to go past the frosted tips of the story and find out how these boys – Backstreet or otherwise – got their names. Those names that you and your friends screamed over and over all night long at their concerts (and still do when their reunion pulls into town). Certain origins are obvious and make sense while others are guaranteed to have you scratching your head in confusion. Find out the true stories behind the most famous boy bands of all time and impress your friends with levels of fandom usually reserved for stalkers. Don’t judge!

Find out how the Backstreet Boys celebrated their 20th Anniversary and how they keep making music to this very day.

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