Watch MAGIC! Crown Their Favorite “Rude” Fan Cover Video

MAGIC! had an incredible run with their chart-topping smash hit “Rude.” Released nearly a year ago in their native Canada, the song blew up there and then caught on South of the border in the U.S. and was heard on the radio all summer long. Its reggae and pop infused melody combined with the classic story of boy + girl + her disaproving Dad inspired fans, YouTube stars and even parents to put their own spin on the song.

This time, the band wanted in on the fun so they sat down with VH1 News to watch each fan cover to decide which one they liked the most. Watch the video above to find out which video took the number one spot as MAGIC!’s favorite. And if you want to see the originals, scroll down the page to see the complete list and let us know which ones you were most fond of in the comments section.
“Rude” by Elyar Fox
Elyar Fox jumped in the studio to record a simple, sweet acoustic version of the song. This UK singer effortlessly belts out a delightful rendition while strumming his own arrangement on the guitar.

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