Musicians Who’ve Flexed Their Acting Chops By Playing Classic Artists

  • Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles

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  • Diana Ross as Billie Holiday

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images/Paramount Pictures]

  • Jennifer Lopez as Selena

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  • Marc Anthony as Hector Lavoe

    [Photo Credit: Picturehouse]

  • Beyonce as Etta James

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images/TriStar Pictures]

  • Mos Def as Chuck Berry

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images/TriStar Pictures]

  • Lil Mama as Left Eye

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  • lil_kim_nnaughton

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  • abenjamin_jhendrix2

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  • Bessie Smith

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With the release of Jimi: All Is By My Side, fans have glimpsed Andre 3000 in his starring role as Jimi Hendrix. The rapper holds his own in the biographical film, giving a great portrayal of the legendary rock star. Of course, the OutKast star isn’t the first musician tapped to depict an iconic artist on the big screen.

Andre 3000 joins the ranks of stars who’ve delivered stirring film roles as memorable musicians. Artists like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez have brought the stories of Etta James, Selena, and more to movie audiences. Today’s artists aren’t confined to playing their idols in theaters, as Lil Mama proved when she channeled Left Eye in VH1’s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.

Which other artists have used their acting talents to play music’s greatest legends?

[Photo Credit: Open Road Films/TriStar Pictures]