Taylor Swift Shakes It Off To Become a Pop Star + Other Musicians Who Changed Genres Mid Career

Taylor Swift is no longer the country darling that she was at the start of her career. While her last album, Red signified the beginning of her cross over into pop, the album still had shades of Tay’s former country self. However, with the release of her latest number one hit, “Shake It Off”, she’s shaking off her country persona — and indeed her country sound — entirely in order to pursue traditional pop. With Taylor as our inspiration, we’re looking at not only her mid-career genre change, but at some of our other favorite musos who have done the same, and rating their transformations.

From Jewel’s guitar folk to her pop Queen revolution; Queen Latifah’s transition from hip hop and rap into singing soul; Skrillex’s 180 from scream metal to dub step and even Gwen Stefani’s leap from ska punk to glam pop: we’re taking a lot at some of the biggest career overhauls by genre, and judging them. Let us know if you agree with our grades in the comments!

1. Taylor Swift

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