Where Do Art Official Age And PlectrumElectrum Rank Among Prince’s Double And Triple Releases?

  • Art Official Age/PlectrumElectrum

    [Photo Credit: NPG Records/Warner Bros.]

  • Graffiti Bridge

    [Photo Credit: Warner Bros.]

  • Emancipation

    [Photo Credit: NPG/EMI]

  • LotusFlo3r/MPLSound

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  • Sign O’ The Times

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  • 1999

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Prince recently released his latest output, a dual drop comprising of a solo album and an album with his backing band 3RDEYEGIRL. The Art Official Age and PlectrumElectrum double release isn’t the first time the Purple One has hit fans with a bevy of songs at once. Prince has long pushed for multi-volume releases, having previously dropped double and triple albums.

But too much of a good thing isn’t always best. Prince’s gambles with non-standard formats haven’t always yielded classic LPs. So which longform album is the best?

We sifted through Prince’s studio albums, finding those originally released as multiple LPs. Some, like Sign O’ The Times, are among his most popular, while others like Emancipation only hold weight among his hardcore devotees. However, the albums share Prince’s fervor for getting as much of music into the world as possible.

Take a look through the gallery above for our ranking of Prince’s multi-volume albums.

[Photo Credit: NPG/Warner Bros.]