Get To Know BANKS: Pop’s Unlikely It Girl

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Riding high on her first headlining tour, BANKS has been hypnotizing audiences with her brooding voice and lyrics ripped from the pages of her enigmatic diary. This singer-songwriter originally from California is a refreshing alternative to today’s manufactured pop figures gunning to stay relevant. Her music is personal and perfectly portrays raw feelings kept in the dark, only surfacing when you recognize someone else could possibly feel as twisted inside as you do. She remains soft spoken in interviews but her songs speak volumes and resonate, like books you want to reread over and over again. Enter BANKS’ world, a whirlwind of feminine strength and dark beauty.


Jillian Banks is a singer-songwriter born in Orange County, California on June 15, 1988. She was nominated for this year’s BBC Sound Of and MTV Brand New short lists and was last year’s Vogue Artist of the Week. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but according to what Big Morning Buzz host Nick Lachey revealed, you can find an even more intimate way to communicate with this star. She goes hard for her fans because her fans go hard for her.

WHAT is her album?

BANKS’ debut album Goddess was released on September 5th of this year. This 18-track deluxe album contains two songs from her 2013 EP Fall Over and new material written by the artist herself. Goddess debuted within the top 10 albums on Billboard 200 and had it’s highest position at number five on iTunes. Stream the album for free below.

WHERE have you seen her before?

BANKS has recently hit the late night circuit and music festivals all around the country. Check out some of her best live performances below.

BANKS performs “Brain” on Late Night with Seth Meyers 

BANKS performs “Begging for Thread” on Jimmy Kimmel Live
BANKS performs “Waiting Game” on Jimmy Kimmel Live
BANKS covers Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” at 2014 Coachella

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