MUSIC SEEN: YOK Artists Echosmith Shows Us How NYC Should Be Done

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Talk about having great family genes! The kids in this month’s You Oughta Know band, Echosmith, are one photogenic bunch. As if that weren’t enough, they have great personalities, too! They don’t want to be like the cool kids, they are the cool kids! And lucky us, we got to spend the entire day with them.

Jumping from coast to coast, Echosmith is originally from Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, so spending the day in the big apple was a big change for them. However, being young and full of spunk kept them ready to take on whatever we threw at them.

From a performance on our morning show to a Stop/Watch Challenge, these kids never faltered. Browse the gallery above to see how these cool kids take on NYC.

Check out Echosmith performing “Cool Kids” on Big Morning Buzz Live last season.

[Photo Credit: Lauren Weissler]