Jaden Smith’s New Video “Fast” Leaves Us With These Five Questions

Jaden Smith has been releasing a lot of music lately including his latest visuals for “Fast,” a song about… we don’t know. Rumored to be about (possible) love interest Kylie Jenner, “Fast” is another song that proves young Smith to be either a musical genius or the biggest troll of all time.

Regardless, Smith doesn’t care what you think about him.

With that being said, we know this young star would not take offense to these five questions we have after watching “Fast”. For answers, we turned to his always-enlightening Twitter. 

1. What does “Battle me that’s your fatality, actually I’m a catastrophe/ Go to your school and they ask for me/ I’m in your class making cash and we fruity like passion is burning like ashes/ We had to just make this ish happen, he rappin’ again, he snappin’ again,” even mean?

I see.

2. What do your parents think about your music?

Oh. Okay then.

3. Why didn’t Willow get a verse?

I guess she’s busy?

4. Is this song about Kylie?

I’m sorry, that didn’t answer our– nevermind.

5. Is “Fast” about your internal struggle with life, love and happiness or are you trolling us all?

AH- yikes.

So hopefully that clears everything up, folks!