10 Reasons Katy Perry Absolutely Must Play The 2015 Super Bowl Half Time Show

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This is an appeal to the NFL: Katy Perry absolutely must play the Super Bowl Half Time Show in 2015. She was born to do this, y’all. And this might ruffle a few feathers, but her stage show would be more epic, more explosive, more high energy than even Beyoncé’s. It seems that the biggest hurdle to having an artist like Katy Perry at the Super Bowl is the new “pay to play” policy the NFL is employing — an artist of Katy’s calibre certainly is not going to PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO LET HER PLAY.

While appearing on ESPN’s College Game Day this weekend, Katy said “I have let them know that I’m not the type of girl that would pay to play the Super Bowl, so the ball is in their field.” A Katy Perry halftime show then is a distinct possibility; the NFL just needs to wise up and ask Katy to play — sans hand out.

If “Katy’s perfect for the Super Bowl Half Time Show” isn’t a compelling enough reason for the NFL to hire her for the job, we’ve got 10 more (more substantial reasons) why they should. Katy’s career has always flirted with football, and this weekend might have been her first College Game Day, but it’s not the first time she’s been inspired by football, or been goofing it up on the sidelines.