Move Over, Jason Derulo! Jordin Sparks Reveals Her Dreamy Celeb Crush

She may have just went through a very public break up, but no tears are being shed on Jordin Sparks’ end. In fact, the songstress is on the scene promoting her new flick Left Behind, looking as fabulous as ever and even talking male celebrity crushes.

Which celebrity hotties left Sparks for “No Air” when she was a teen? Watch the video above to find out, along with her favorite movies, video games and pickle-eating habits. As far as her advice for performers trying to break out in the music scene? “Run!”

Clearly, the singer isn’t too torn up over parting ways from longtime boyfriend Jason Derulo. She recently exclusively opened up to The Gossip Table crew, expressing her optimism to move on and one day have kids, in the video below.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.