If You Put These 10 EDM Songs On Your Morning Playlist, You Won’t Need Coffee

-By Olga Encarnacion

There’s a little more to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) than just being the soundtrack to an amazing night or a great workout. EDM is a robot body with soul. Songs composed on computers with loops, live instruments, soulful vocals and surprisingly heartfelt lyrics, EDM is one of those genres that always flips a frown upside down. With soaring synths, thumping bass lines, stuck-in-your-head for days on end hooks, your heart starts going and your head starts bopping and suddenly you’re in love. It’s hard to have a bad day with a good playlist, especially when you take these ten tracks out for a spin on your way to work. See if they’ll take the edge off that caffeine detox you’ve been meaning to start.

1. Mr. Probz – “Waves” (Robin Schultz Remix)

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