EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Echosmith Performs A Stripped Down Version Of “Cool Kids”

We all want to be just like the cool kids, but nothing is cooler than the acoustic version of Echosmith’s hit song “Cool Kids”. The techy-synthetic sounds of the original track are hard to beat, even with a voice as angelic as Syndey Sierota’s. However, Echosmith outdid themselves with this one and produced something arguably even better than the version you know and love.

This month we are going Echosmith crazy! Our current You Oughta Know artists are killing it on tour right now with American Authors as well as ferociously climbing those charts.

Now, we love the original video for “Cool Kids” just as much as the next guy, but this version shows off these siblings’ talents in a whole new way. We get up close and personal, showing this song is more than something to dance to- it’s an anthem for everyone unsure how to be themselves in a world that wants you to be someone else. Powerful stuff!

Don’t believe us? Watch the video above, and hear “Cool Kids” like you’ve never heard it before.