Australian (and Just Australian) Fans Get a Jump on Nick Jonas’ Newest Tracks

Nick Jonas’ two new tracks, “Teacher” and “Wilderness,” off his upcoming self-titled album have been released with ability to purchase on iTunes… but just in the land down under. We reckon this ain’t right.

Unlike Australian fans, who can purchase the two new tracks starting today, the rest of us may have to wait until November 11 until the album is released to the public in its entirety. Don’t panic, because you now have two options. One: listen to the tracks here. Two: Check iTunes periodically for the next 25 days.

If you’re bitter about not being able to download these tracks just yet, let’s reminisce back two weeks when the Flaunt junk-grabbing photo spread was released that we’re still drooling over. Did we mention the album has a Parental Advisory label on it? We’re digging this new and improved Nick Jonas and are more than ready for this album. Bring. It. On.

[Photo Credit: Island Records/Safehouse Records]



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