We Barely Know What These Singers Look Like Without A Weird Hat On

  • neyo-hat

  • gavin-hat

  • pharrell-hat

  • willie-hat

  • bradpaisley-hat

  • LL-Hat

  • bruno-hat

  • timmcgraw-hat

  • theedge-hat

  • brett-hat

Ne-Yo, Pharrell and LL Cool J are few of many artists who will almost never leave the house without covering up their locks, or lack thereof, with bizarre headwear. Without wearing these crazy caps, we’re not even sure if we would recognize them. But what we want to know is: what the hell are they hiding under there?!

Earlier this year, Pharrell’s iconic brown Arby’s hat became bigger than the Grammys, and life itself. Tim McGraw has been sporting the same black leather cowboy hat since ’nam and we actually couldn’t even find a picture of U2’s The Edge without his favorite black skull cap glued to his, well, skull. What is it with singers and their favorite hats?? We’re not sure we’ll quite ever understand, but until we get to the bottom of the madness, hop into the gallery above and good luck remembering what these guys look like without a weird hat on.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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