We Asked Our Staff To Pick The Top Pop Queen Of The Last 30 Years. It Turned Into A Nasty HR Issue.

OK, maybe we didn’t actually come to blows when discussing who deserves the Queen of Pop title —but it came pretty close! From Beyonce to Britney Spears, Taylor Swift to Mariah Carey, we hold our favorite diva very close to our hearts, and today’s launch of the VH1 Pop Queen Faceoff brought all of these feelings bubbling up to the surface. The debate may have gotten a little heated at times, but a little passion is a good thing, right?

Want to weigh in on the only election that matters? Of course you do! Head over to our Pop Queen Faceoff poll and cast your vote. Make sure to do it before this Friday (that’s October 24th, folks!) at noon before we announce who will compete in the next round of the bracket. Step up and rep YOUR Queen!

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