Gavin DeGraw Is Music’s Most Underrated Panty-Dropper

Ladies, before you get too excited about all of your favorite Gavin DeGraw hits coming together on his latest album Finest Hour: The Best of Gavin DeGraw, we’ve got something even better: tips on how to steal his heart. VH1 sat down with the sultry singer to see how he feels about turn ons, turn offs, playing games, and so much more. We suggest you grab a pen and paper, because you’re about to get schooled in dating your celeb crush. 

For eleven years now, we’ve daydreamed to Gavin’s music since One Tree Hill’s theme song “I Don’t Wanna Be” took over our lives. He puts on sold out shows as girls shamelessly sway, sing along and secretly want to do the nasty with him while watching— and now we finally know what it takes to win his affection. If you’re a foodie with a sense of humor, Gavin will probably want to hang. However, if you’re lazy, smack gum or say “like” too much, he’ll kick you to the curb after telling you to “learn how to fucking talk.” Noted!

What makes Gavin so smooth is that he doesn’t realize he’s smooth in the first place. Meanwhile, he’ll do what he can to romance the s–t out of you. Here’s why Gavin is indeed an undercover ladies’ man.

He doesn’t play games.

“If you’re excited about somebody, how could you wait 3 days?,” he said in regards to waiting to call or text someone three days after meeting them. The singer makes it clear that when he knows what he wants, he’ll go after it. And as far as the 5 date rule (when you wait 5 dates to finally get it on)? “I don’t think dating and math really go hand in hand. It’s just a feel thing.” Bet you’re happy you ditched calculous.

He’ll romance you with a night on the town.

Gavin knows better than to be one of those guys that won’t put down the potato chips or the remote. “I’m a restaurant guy,” he says, “Because I travel so much, I like going places where I’m familiar with the people. When you bring someone to that scenario you’re introducing them to that community and they get to see what you’re really like, what types of people you hang with.” And wouldn’t it be so nice for the guy make the decisions for a change?

He’ll pay attention to you.

Gavin says one of the biggest turn offs in a girl is “[b]eing so consumed in capturing the moment” he continued, “I want to live and enjoy [life] rather than going ’Document this.’ Life is about the moment. Enjoy it and take it lightly.” What would you give to see him staring back over a candlelit dinner (above)…

He’ll defend you.

Isn’t every girl’s nightmare not getting along with her man’s mom? Isn’t every girl’s dream for their boyfriend’s family to like them? Well even if Gavin’s family wasn’t fond of you as his girlfriend, he said he’d “[t]ake it with a grain of salt.” He would even go as far as “[t]ry to convince them that the qualities are worth deeming and to give them a chance.” Seriously, guys do that?

He won’t judge you no matter what you eat.

If you’re on a date with Gavin, ditch the clean salad and get in on the messy burger. Or do get the salad. Either way, he doesn’t care. “Just because you love food doesn’t mean you have to eat the worst thing for you to have great food,” he says, “I want them to enjoy themselves. That’s what life’s about. Eat whatever you want, absolutely.”

He’ll do grand, romantic gestures.

Like showing up outside somebody’s window and saying “I love you.” He thinks it’s scary, but we would beg to differ.

He’s trustworthy.

Gavin says a huge turn off is “[w]hen someone doesn’t understand privacy.” In fact, he absolutely hates it: “You tell them something and then you hear it from someone else, that’s terrible. Bad character trait.” And all this time you thought your boyfriend caused your trust issues. The street goes both ways, my friend.

He’s a panty-dropper and he doesn’t even know it.

What makes someone sexy is modesty. Gavin insists that he’s not a ladies’ man and that he’s just “a dude.” He doesn’t live his life looking for “the one” and won’t go out of his way trying to win women over. “If it works, once and a while maybe it does, but it’s not what I’m looking for.”

He doesn’t care if you’re famous.

If aren’t already in love, Gavin tells us that unlike so many other artists, he doesn’t feel the need to date other celebrities. You have a shot!

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