These Outfits Prove Everyday Is Halloween When You’re Katy Perry

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By now, we can expect any given Katy Perry outfit to resemble rainbows, butterflies, traffic cones or all of the above combined. She makes it like your birthday everyday. But after taking a look back at some of the most ridiculous getups the pop star has worn, it seems like Halloween needs to be swapped into those lyrics pronto. Seriously, who would actually wear this stuff in public other than the one night it’s socially acceptable to? You’re a pop star, Katy Perry. Not a fairy. Not a sexy school girl. And most definitely not Miss Chiquita Banana.

For specific occasions, she has dressed up as a snowman, her inner Little Drummer Boy, vintage Britney Spears and even America’s beloved golden arches. But most of the time, her tacky outfits revealing major cleavage makes it look like she’s going trick or treating almost every day of the year. We dare you to try telling the difference between Halloween costumes and Katy’s actual wardrobe. Hop into the gallery above to decide if her fashion sense will help her cause in the Pop Queen Faceoff, or cause you to be shocked to learn her stylist wasn’t born on October 31.


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