VH1 Vintage: Mariah Carey Was Always Shaking off the Haters

We’re just a few days into our Pop Queen Faceoff and already it’s getting ugly. Daggers, and shade, have been thrown. But as a contester in the thrown down, don’t expect Mariah Carey to be phased by the haters. Please, dahhhling. Even back in ’08, Mimi wasn’t taking the heat seriously, and as a veteran at the top of the diva game, she damn well won’t now.

In the vintage video above, Mariah literally laughs off ridiculous rumors and says she’ll never change who she really is. Amen, sister. She also spills on how she would test out her tracks. Her methods obviously worked because we have actually lost count of her #1 hits. Needless to say, with any diva shade-throwing in the near future of the Pop Queen Faceoff (hint, hint), we think Mariah and her fans will be more than able to hold their own.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.