Madonna’s Take On Taylor Swift, Beyonce + Other Pop Culture Happenings In This Parody


By “Madonna”

What’s up? It’s me, Madonna. The Ray of Light needed to heal the world….cause you know. The world needs it….or whatever. Anywho, Lola always asks me about things pertaining to reality T.V. and pop culture. I’m happy that she thinks Mommy is the cradle of all things known. So I decided to take a break from recording my new album, hire a filming crew, and answer a few questions about hot topics. I mean, I’m Madonna. I’m the undisputed Queen of Pop and Music, regardless of the outcome from your silly Pop Queen Faceoff poll. Of course you want to know my opinion of the court jesters who entertain me frequently.

Get into my new show, #MadonnaDearest….and if you have any questions for me, hashtag it Instagram. I’ll get to it….after I perfect my downward dog position!

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