Top 20 EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift’s “Fan-Bassadors” Are The Real Deal

On Monday, Taylor Swift dropped her much anticipated album 1989. So far, TSwift has sold more copies of 1989 than this year’s top 50 artists’ albums combined! And there is no doubt in our minds that some of the credit has to go to her amazingly loyal “Fan-bassadors.”

Before releasing her album, Taylor Swift and her camp decided to have an exclusive release to those fans who had gone to concert after concert, but had never gotten the chance to meet her. These 1989 Secret Sessions were held to give her most dedicated fans a chance to hear the album first. TSwift even explained each song to them (faints)!

These Secret Sessions created a LOT of the pre-sale buzz around this album. The “fan-bassadors,” as she so lovingly called them, took to social media bragging about how awesome the new album is. Posting tweet after tweet claiming it was better than Red and calling for all her Swifties to go out and get a copy as soon as it hits the shelves. On it’s first day, 1989 sold around 600,000 copies and it is looking like it will surpass the million-mark by the end of the week.