You’re Probably Pronouncing These Pop Star Names Wrong. Don’t Worry, So Are Most People

You might think it’s pretty awesome being a pop star. Think about it: you get to travel all around the world to play your music for adoring fans! On paper it may seem amazing, but you’re forgetting a hidden dark-side to the whole deal. We’re talking about constantly having your name mispronounced. Seriously, from singers Lykke Li and Jhene Aiko, to bands like CHVRCHES and HAIM, it happens way more than you think.
We sent VH1’s very own Ellie Lee into Times Square to ask the crowd to read the name of some major figures on the pop music scene. The results were shocking. Check out the video about and see if you’re in the guilty party. Listen and take notes, folks! Before you vote in our Pop Queen Faceoff, make sure you can say their names…

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