Sex, Drugs And Munchies In Tove Lo’s Most Epic Lyrics

You Oughta Know alum Tove Lo may hail from Sweden, but lucky for us, she knows no boundaries when it comes to her music. Her lyrics reflect those of pain, love and heartbreak, which naturally incorporate lots of drugs and lots of sex. Now that’s a rock star.

Her lyrics are raw, real and make us think, “Did she really just say that?,” which is purely amazing. If you binge on Twinkies and like younger dudes, you can count on her lyrics as ones you can relate to. You know you can’t wait to watch her perform in You Oughta Know Live In Concert on November 13th, because believe me when I say, her realness translates on stage. If you think Tove Lo should be deemed You Oughta Know Artist of the Year, you can vote for her now. Below are her lyrics that will make you blush, get hot and bothered and reach for the nearest, biggest joint possible.

Song: “Paradise”
Lyric: With love for real without the lies/Is that what they call paradise?

A legitimate question. Does that sort of thing even exist? LOL, nah.

Song: “My Gun”
Lyric: Rip off your clothes for me/Make out, lash out/Keep dancing naked, feeling free/That’s my gun/Mmmm

Ah, the beauty of the gun metaphor…

Song: “I Like ’Em Young”
Lyric: Hey girl, why you’re judging me?/When your, your guy is turning 53/I like ’em young

Because age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

Song: “Habits”
Lyric: I eat my dinner in my bathtub/Then I go to sex clubs/Watching freaky people gettin’ it on

A casual Friday night, obviously.

Lyric: I get home, I got the munchies/Binge on all my Twinkies/Throw up in the tub/Then I go to sleep

Graphic, but also feels like college.

Lyric: Pick up daddies at the playground/How I spend my daytime/Loosen up the frown/Make them feel alive/I’ll make it fast and greasy/I’m on my way to easy

But I thought you liked ’em young (above)? #Confused

Song: “Talking Body”
Lyric: Now if we’re talking body/You got a perfect one so put it on me/Swear it won’t take you long/If you love me right, we fuck for life/On and on and on

I mean, why beat around the bush? Let’s cut to the chase here, people.

Song: “Moments”
Lyric: I can get a little drunk, I get into all the don’ts/But on good days I am charming as fuck

When all else fails, blame it on the alcohol.

Song: “Not on Drugs”
Lyric: I’m not on drugs/I’m just in love

What was your excuse to get out of detention?

Song: “Love Ballad”
Lyric: Jump off a cliff/I’d give you my last spliff/I’d do it for you/Ain’t love sweet?

If giving up your joint doesn’t prove true love, I don’t know what does.

Lyric: Pour gasoline on me/Oh, yes I burn slowly/So that you feel that I am for real

Aggressive, but no one likes a wussy to prove their love.

Song: “Crave”
Lyric: Got my body all figured out/Know what my trigger’s all about

Now is that not every girls’ dream and more, or what? Again, gun metaphors coming in clutch.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.