30 Awesome Singers And Groups That You Forgot Were You Oughta Know Artists

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VH1’s You Oughta Know Live In Concert is almost a week away and we know you’re getting pumped to see “Class of 2014” YOK artists like Sam Smith, Tove Lo and Echosmith perform on Thursday, November 13th. But did you know that the You Oughta Know franchise goes back to 2005 and was the first place many people first heard some of the biggest artists of the past decade? Well, you oughta!

Like Bruno Mars? Thought he was good at the Super Bowl did ya? Well, guess what? Back in 2010, when the only people who knew him were those he had produced, he was a You Oughta Know artist, and next thing you know, he’s a superstar. Remember a little singer named Amy Winehouse, who kind of changed the course of music with her modern take on classic ’60s soul? She was a You Oughta Know artist all the way back in 2007.

Seriously, when you take a look back at some of the amazing singers and groups we’ve featured as new artists on the rise, it’s pretty staggering. Like, wow, we’ve got some really great taste in music. So check out 30 folks you probably forgot were You Oughta Know artists, including the little lady in the video below who we shined a light on in 2008, before she went onto to become one of the greatest singers on the friggin’ planet.