How Well Do You Actually Know Sam Smith? Take Our Quiz To See If You’re A Superfan Or A Newb!

We are all mesmerized by the ridiculous pipes and English charm of Sam Smith. We haven’t been able to stop listening to his smash album In the Lonely Hour since it debuted in June. Repeat for daysss. At just 22, he’s already had enormous success, from performing at sold-out arenas to being called the male Adele. His openness and vulnerability make us feel like we all know him personally, but we’re about to test whether you’re truly the Sam Smith superfan you claim to be.

Yeah, you know his lyrics backwards and forwards, that he’s part of Yoncé’s Beehive and that he hails from across the pond, but that’s amateur hour stuff. Play this little game of Sam Smith True or False to prove your love, and take it a step further by voting for him as You Oughta Know Artist of the Year.


If Sam Smith wasn’t a pop singer, he’d be a painter.

FALSE: Nope, he would want to be a florist. For reals, he’s obsessed. He even dressed up as mold one year for Halloween. The video above is proof.

He’s related to English pop singer Lily Allen.

TRUE: In January, Smith revealed that he and Allen are third cousins on BBC Radio. Because their family is so “huge,” they hadn’t even met until the BRIT Awards this past year. That is one damn talented family.

He grew up with buddy and fellow You Oughta Know veteran Ed Sheeran.

FALSE: While both of their accents make us swoon, Smith hails from Great Chishill and Sheeran from Hedben Bridge. After their recent surprise duet of “Stay With Me,” they can now be besties and continue to perform together and that’s all that matters.

Sam Smith is 6 feet 5 inches tall.

FALSE: You almost had it! He’s 6’3”. Still, that’s a whole lotta man.

He had undercover beef with Miley Cyrus over who’s a better singer.

FALSE: Psh, you would know this if you checked his Insta. They’re totally cool.

The background vocals in the chorus of “Stay With Me” are by the choir of his local church.

FALSE: The chorus is all Sam Smith, recorded in about 40 takes. Watch the video above at 5:40 to be mind-blown.

Sam Smith was raised by a stay-at-home-dad.

Me rapping at a young age

A video posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on Nov 11, 2014 at 2:00pm PST

TRUE: He tells CBS that his dad and mom, who was a banker, encouraged him to nurture his talent when he was just in grade school, and we’re glad they did.

[Photo Credit: VH1/Getty/@samsmithworld]

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