Bleachers + CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry Cover Fleetwood Mac For Spellbinding You Oughta Know Live Finale

We love Bleachers. We love CHVRCHES. And we love Fleetwood Mac. Put the three together and you have an unforgettable musical combo, and also the epic finale to last night’s You Oughta Know Live In Concert!

As Jack Antonoff wrapped up his group’s set, he welcomed CHVCHES singer Lauren Mayberry onstage to act as Stevie Nicks to his Lindsay Buckingham. The duo stormed through the classic Rumours track “Go Your Own Way” before we all went our own way for the evening. Jack shredded, Lauren wailed, and the crowd roared with approval.

Want more Bleachers? Check out the online exclusive live performance of their latest single “Rollercoaster” below!

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