CONCERT REVIEW: Fancy Reagan Shows Us They Were The Right Choice For Make A Band Famous

It was only five short months ago that Fancy Reagan won VH1’s Make A Band Famous. These guys charmed our socks off immediately, and it was clear as the competition went on that they were the front-runners.

Deprived of sleep, the 5-piece alternative/pop/rock band took part in our grueling 24-hour contest to see which of the 24 finalists had what it took to sign a deal with Republic Records. After not sleeping for an entire day, the band still rocked it! Now, imagine what they sounded like after getting a good night’s rest!

Last night, Fancy Reagan performed at the Bowery Electric in NYC. After spending months in the recording studio, we are happy to welcome them back home. And for those of you who missed the show, word has it that Fancy Reagan will be releasing their first single in February 2015, so be sure to check that out.

The band is made up of keyboardist and founder Jason Krebs, drummer Chris Tsaganeas, guitarist Rich Fuchs, bassist Bobby Kay + lead vocalist Sean Michael Murray. Over the past two years, these guys have been making a splash. Earlier this year even, they were praised for their cover of A Great Big World’s “Say Something,” which has gotten over 95,000 views on YouTube.

It been clear from the start that these guys are ripe for stardom. If you watched them on Make A Band Famous, you got to see them perform via LiveStream, but here are 5 things we learned by seeing them in person.

1. Move over boy bands, the men have showed up.
One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer are cute, but they are just boys. Fancy Reagan are men. A little edge, a little bad boy nature and a little rock ’n roll, these are not the guys next door. You’ll want to swim in Sean’s dimples and Bobby’s eyes will pierce your soul. It’s not difficult to predict that all the girls will soon come running to see Fancy Reagan on stage.

2. Bring a mop because Sean Michael Murray will melt your heart.
Newer bands can get a little intimidated by performing, but Fancy Reagan acted like old pros. They were talking to the crowd and genuinely grateful for everyone who came out. And once they started playing, it was like you were the only ones in the room. Because of the already intimate setting of The Bowery Electric, there was not a bad seat in the house, but with Sean constantly shifting his gaze, there are moments when you feel like they are playing solely for you.

3. Republic Records had a good ear and made the right choice.
If you took part in the Make A Band Famous experience, you may kind of know some lines of some songs. But trust us, the lyrics didn’t matter. Each song was full of energy and by the second chorus, you could easily pick up on at least some of the words if you really want to sing along. With such high energy songs, it’s hard not to.

4. They like to keep things light.
They want to be having just as much fun as you are. Halfway through the show, during the band intros, they did a one chorus cover of Meghan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass.” How could you not be having fun while listening to that song?!

5. Don’t try to hold these guys down because they like to move around.
The judges on Make A Band Famous critiqued a lot of bands for not being able to command the stage. Fancy Reagan did not have that problem. Granted, The Bowery Electric has a pretty small stage, but even the drummer Chris was moving like crazy. There is no doubt in our minds that this energy will easily translate to a larger stage as well.

Check out the video above to see all the Fancy Reagan highlights from Make A Band Famous.