The Complete Guide To Every Sex Reference In Rihanna’s Songs

Rihanna has built her brand from being a goddamn freak…in the best way. Instagram sure as hell can’t tame her and neither can her own shirts. But bad gal RiRi wasn’t always bad. We were first introduced to the Barbados-born singer when she was a 17-year-old with wide eyes and long, bouncy hair, dancing to innocent songs like “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want.” Since, she’s chopped the locks and has become much more fond of sexual innuendos and black leather, releasing albums like Unapologetic and Rated R. Take a look at the evolution of sex references in Rihanna’s songs, and you’ll see that slowly but surely, she was bound to release NSFW tracks and unleash the inner S&M Queen that she is.


“Let Me”

So let me come and get ya right/Boy let me fill your appetite/Won’t you let me know what it is you like/And I’ll do those sexy things for you

“Rush” ft. Kardinal

Most of mea gal them slide off easy like a thunder clap/When I see you from the back you know me need all a dat


“Break It Off” ft. Sean Paul

Set if off boy/And make me hot all ova my body/Break it off boy/’Cus ya got me feelin’ naughty

“Selfish Girl”

I’ve got something in mind for you/Make you lose all track of time/Guaranteed to blow your mind/I don’t care what anybody got to say/Maybe they never had it quite this


“Push Up On Me”

Baby, who you think you’re fooling?/You wanna come get me outta my dress

“Shut Up and Drive”

My engine’s ready to explode, explode, explode/So start me up and watch me go

Got you where you wanna go if you know what I mean/Got a ride that smoother than a limosine/Can you handle the curves? Can you run all the lights?/If you can baby boy then we can go all night/’Cus I’m 0 to 60 in three point five/Baby you got the keys

“Sell Me Candy”

I run through my body when you lick my fingertips/You’re selling me a fantasy that I want to explore/It sounds so good spoil me rotten to the core

“Lemme Get That”

You like that/Know you wanna bite that/Uh huh yeah right there/They love the young girl/They wanna give it to me/Wish I was in a flick/And I ain’t talking movies

Justin, what you got up in them jeans? Put it on me, or get lonely

“Question Existing”

Take off my shirt/Loosen the buttons and undo my skirt/Stare at myself in the mirror/Take me apart piece by piece


“Rockstar 101”

So baby take me in/I’ll disobey the law/Make sure you frisk me good/Check my panties and my bra

“Rude Boy”

Can you get it up/Come here/Rude boy, boy/Is you big enough/Take it, take it

Tonight I’mma let you be a rider/Giddy up, Giddy up, Giddy up, babe


I lick the gun when I’m done/’Cus I know that revenge is sweet, so sweet/This is a gang ladies’ bang baby bang/Tell me what you need/Oh, any mother fucker wanna disrespect/Playing with fire finna get you wet/How it feel down there on your knees?

“Hole in My Head” ft. Justin Timberlake

No use your lips keep moving/But I got a couple screws loose/Them other boys talkin’ about me

Buckle up, I ride this like a fast car/Suck it up, don’t even try to act hard

Now watch me wind/You can take that as a sign baby/So left and right baby/So push my buttons/You see me get wild/Uh go wild baby


“S & M”

Now the pain is my pleasure/’Cus nothing could measure

Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it/Sticks and stones may break my bones/But chains and whips excite me

Oh, you turn me on/It’s exactly what I’ve been yearning for/Give it to me strong/And meet me in my boudoir/Make my body say ah, ah, ah

“What’s My Name” ft. Drake

Not everybody knows how to work my body/Knows how to make me want it/Boy, you stay up on it

Hey boy, I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like me

Back and forth you rock me/So I surrender to every word you whisper/Every door you enter, I will let you in

“Only Girl (In the World)”

Keep thinkin’ of me, doin’ what you like/So boy forget about the world cause it’s gon’ be me and you tonight/I wanna make you beg for it, then I’mma make you swallow your pride

Baby I’ll tell you all my secrets that I’m keepin’, you can come inside/And when you enter, you ain’t leavin’, be my prisoner for the night

“California King Bed”

With the curtains drawn/And a little last night on these sheets

“Raining Men” Ft. Nicki Minaj

All you need to know that I’m a 2 times 5/Load it, cock it, aim it baby, boom bye bye


When my body’s screaming out now/I know you hearin’ it/You got me moaning now/I got a secret that I wanna show you

You waited long enough/Go deep, I’mma throw it at ya, can you catch it?/Don’t hold back/You know I like it rough

All I wanna see you in is just skin


“Where Have You Been”

Looking for someone/Someone who can please me/Love me all night long

“You Da One”

When you put it down/You shouldn’t give it to me/Good like that/Shouldn’t hit it like that/Had me yellin’ like that/Didn’t know you would’ve had me coming back

“Talk That Talk”

What you saying now, give it to me baby/I want it all night, give it to me baby

“Cockiness (Love It)”

Suck my cockiness/Lick my persuasion/Eat my words and then/Swallow your pride down, down

I want you to be my sex slave/Anything that I desire/Be one with my feminine/Set my whole body on fire

Fair maiden Rihanna gate/Taking over your empire/She may be the queen of hearts/But I’mma be the queen of your body parts

I love it when you eat it

I can be your dominatrix/Just submit to my every order/Enter my diamond matrix/Devour my golden flower

“Birthday Cake”

It’s not even my birthday/But he want to lick the icing off/I know you want it in the worst way/Can’t wait to blow my candles out

And it’s not even my birthday/But you wanna put your name on it

“Roc Me Out”

So give it to me like I want it/This is for your eyes only/Roc me out, back and forth/Roc me out, on the floor/Give it to me like I need it/You know how to make me feel it

Come over boy, I’m so ready/You’re taking too long to get my head on the ground/And my feet in the clouds, oh oh

I’m so clean, feeling so dirty/Come right now, you better hurry/Before you miss out, and I finish it off, oh yeah

Put your hands on me, watch me lose it/Boy blow it out, like it’s the only way out

“Watch and Learn”

I love the way you touch me/If I toot it, leave it tooted up/Then I drop it, drop it/’Til ya making faces/And look like you wanna/Tell me stop it/Imma do it, do it, do it/Till you can’t take no more/’Til my lipstick ain’t up on my face no more

Just because I can’t kiss back/Doesn’t mean you can’t kiss that

“Red Lipstick”

Let me grab my dick while you sit on top/Do you right here while the whole world’s watching


You wanna go down/Drive all through my town/’Til I make that sound (ohhh)

When I’m hot/Giving a right spot/Do unlock/My sexuality/You went/I ride/You know/I’ll get mine

“Tip Pon Toe”

If you keep talking like that in my ear/I’m about to put it on you I swear

But there will be no hitting/Wait hold up let me finish/I’ve got something for you/If you like what you see/Then you have to let me know


“Phresh Out The Runway”

He eating-the-cake-killer!

“Loveeeeeeee Song” ft. Future

Baby, come hold me tight and when I’m drowning save me/Give it to me on a daily

I can work miracles (what’s up?)/I work it physical (physical)/And when I love you close/You can feel my heart beating thru my clothes


When you fuck them other girls I bet they be wondering/Why you always call my name

“Right Now” ft. David Guetta

There’s no more waiting ? Tonight is the night/And we can’t be wrong, not if it feels this right/Turn it up, scream it loud, yeah

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