These Entertainers Are The Last People We Ever Expected To Rap, But It’s Amazing When They Do

By Chris Carpenter 

Coming off a 1.287 million sales week for her latest studio effort 1989, Taylor Swift uploaded an Instagram video of herself as a token of appreciation to her fans and other humans who decided to purchase the album. (THE. WORLD. IS. SO. GREAT. SOMETIMES.) Taylor expressed her immense gratitude the way that any pop star would – you know, by lip-synching to Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle”. Taylor is so good to us, fam. Expressing herself in the form of hip-hop isn’t new to Tay. Heck, she was even dubbed ‘T-Swizzle’ by T-Pain. While she may be the reigning champ of non-rapping entertainers who have fun rapping sometimes, Taylor isn’t alone. The genre (?) is comprised of so many greats. Surprise! Even Madonna thinks it’s cool.

Debbie Harry raps on “Rapture”

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